Passenger Pillion

Whether you want to change the narrow rear seat that comes with the Sportster Custom or add a passenger pillion to a standard Sportster for two-up riding, the straight forward procedure comes with a hidden pitfall.
passenger pillionA passenger pillion and footpegs, along with a mid-low sissy bar and backrest pad, were the first accessories added to my new 2006 Harley Davidson Sportster 883L. Harley Davidson offers a passenger pillion for both the standard 883 Sportster and for the 883 Sportster low models. The pillion for the low models is different from the passenger pillion for the standard models as it matches the stitching of the stock solo seat.

The Sportster passenger pillion assembly slips into place quickly and provides a fairly comfortable passenger seat, even on long trips.sportster_scratches

The passenger pillion mounts easily to the solo seat, secured by two bolts in the forward position.

A small tab secured to the rear of the seat provides an anchor point that is secured to the rear fender by one phillips head screw. The passenger strap fits over anchor points on the solo seat.

A hidden pitfall reared its ugly head the first time I removed the seat to wash and wax the rear fender. The passenger strap tabs and the passenger pillion mounting bolts scratched the paint on the rear fender due to the weight of the rider. A piece of leather positioned between the seat and the fender now protect the Sportster paint from further scratching.