Sportster Oil Change

If your local dealer is like mine, the 10,000 mile scheduled maintenance on a Harley Davidson Sportster will cost just under $300.00. For $40.00 and a little of your time, the scheduled maintenance on your Sportster will leave you with plenty of extra money for accessories!

Sportster Oil Drain Plug

Sportster Oil Drain Plug

Recommended Harley Engine Oils

H-D SAE 10W40 – Riding temperatures below 40 Degrees Fahrenheit
H-D SAE 20W50 – Riding temperatures above 40 Degrees Fahrenheit
H-D SAE 50 – Riding temperatures above 60 Degrees Fahrenheit
H-D SAE 60 – Riding temperatures above 80 Degrees Fahrenheit

I prefer to ride the bike for little while before beginning the service, to warm both the engine oil and transmission fluid so they drain more completely.

The oil drain plug on the 2006 Sportster is located under the bike near the rear part of the frame. To drain the oil, loosen the small hose clamp that holds the drain plug in place, and work the plastic drain plug from the hose. I find that twisting the drain plug while pulling downward makes removal easy. You should remove the oil fill cap prior to draining the oil to help the oil flow from the drain hose more freely. When the oil has stopped flowing from the drain hose, reinstall the drain plug and tighten the hose clamp.

A traditional oil filter wrench can be used to loosen the filter on the Sportster’s Evo engine, but caution should be used not to damage any wiring or sensors located in close proximity to the filter. After the oil filter is loosened, I make a funnel by folding newspaper or cardboard into a “V” shape. Slide the funnel under the filter prior to removing the oil filter completely so the oil travels down the funnel and into the drain bucket. This helps keep the oil from the filter from spilling on the engine. Leave the oil funnel in place until the new filter is installed. After the old oil filter is removed, make sure the rubber gasket from the old filter came off with the filter and is not stuck to the filter housing.

sportster oil change

Sportster Oil filter

Apply a thin layer of clean oil to the gasket on the new oil filter, and fill the new filter with fresh oil. Screw the new filter onto the oil filter housing. Once the filter is seated, remove the funnel, and tighten the oil filter by hand approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn. Do not use the oil filter wrench to tighten the filter.

The Sportster uses 3.6 quarts of oil. It has been my experience that roughly 3 quarts actually drains from the engine. You should pour 3 quarts of oil (less what you put in the filter) into the engine. Start the engine and check for leaks. Shut the engine off and check the oil level. Be sure to check the oil level again when the oil is hot and top off as needed.